Tuesday, February 8, 2011

reasons i love u

i love u dear..muaaah
Reasons I love my boyfriend... 
  1. He’s very cute.
  2. He’s funny.
  3. I like the hand motions he makes when he’s happy.
  4. He’s a good dancer.
  5. He’s sexy.
  6. He’s got a huge brain.
  7. He makes the cutest facial expressions.
  8. He takes such good care of me.
  9. He’s strong in himself.
  10. He’s got great eyelashes.
  11. He makes my heart melt.
  12. He listens to me.
  13. He's fun.
  14. He’s an honorable man.
  15. He’s very creative.
  16. He’s passionate.
  17. He tickles my arms.
  18. He rubs my feet.
  19. He grounds me.
  20. He sings to me.
  21. He’s a mush.
  22. He’s considerate.
  23. He likes to do things that make me happy.
  24. He takes risks.
  25. He likes to grow.
  26. He is brillant.
  27. He gives me sweet kisses.
  28. He’s inspiring.
  29. He’s cheeky.
  30. His eyes..ahhh, his eyes.
  31. He’s a BIG nerd.
  32. He’s a dork too.
  33. He kisses my hands.
  34. He’s a big, strong man.
  35. He’s confident.
  36. He’s a leader.
  37. He’s a poet.
  38. He’s an independent thinker.
  39. He likes to try new things.
  40. He’s an adventurer.
  41. He’s got muscular arms.
  42. He’s macho.
  43. He’s a great person to talk with.
  44. He’s sympathetic.
  45. He's hot.
  46. He rubs my back.
  47. He’s thirsty for knowledge.
  48. He tells the truth.
  49. He’s willing to do things that he is scared of.
  50. He likes to snuggle.
  51. He’s charming.
  52. He’s such an interesting character.
  53. He doesn’t let “no” stop him.
  54. He’s a huge contribution to my life.
  55. He likes to help people.
  56. He’s unique.
  57. He buys me flowers.
  58. He tells me I am beautiful.
  59. He makes me feel special.
  60. He is an entrepreneur.
  61. He’s gorgeous.
  62. And one of the the main reasons I love my boyfriend:
  63. He’s AWESOME!

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